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About Us
J & D Pest Services

We are a family owned and run business doing pest control since 1990.  We strive to carry out business in an honest unbiased way with a passion for customer service.

We are easy to do business with, try to anticipate our customers needs, care about our customers, are honest and transparent, listen not just talk at you and deliver excellent customer service.

Our business mission statement is to carry out all jobs with integrity, honesty and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We are genuine and friendly with some customers staying with us for over twenty years and becoming like friends.

A look to the past
The J & D Pest Services Story

Jim Winter Senior started the business in 1973 and at that time it was called Booval Pest Control because he ran the first office from his home in Booval, Ipswich. You can see the photo above of the very first advertising signage attached to the balcony of his house. There is also a photo of the first pest control ute.

Jim Senior and his son, also named Jim, worked together for five years in the early 90’s and then Jim Senior retired for a well-earned rest. Jim Junior and wife Donna moved the business office from Booval to Redbank Plains, but it wasn’t until the office moved for a third time to Forest Lake in 2000 that a name change was made. We have a photo of the first pest control truck used during the Redbank Plains office years with it’s Booval Pest Control signage.

J & D Pest Services became the new business name from July, 2006 and we are still the same Jim and Donna that has been running the business since 1990. Our son Matt is now a fully qualified and licensed pest technician and will be working alongside Jim for the upcoming years.

Our mission is to help our residential and builder/concreter customers with all kinds of pest control services and to carry out those services honestly and reliably. Our customers become our friends and we really like that aspect of the business.