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Pre-purchase Inspections

A thorough inspection is done using specialised moisture and damage detecting equipment. A hidden termite infestation can not always be seen by just looking at the walls of the home.

We are timber pest experts, not building inspection experts, so we organise an experienced building inspector to carry out a building inspection at the same time. We always say, four eyes are better than two, two experts are better than one. The cost is as economical as having a combined building & timber pest inspection done by one inspector who may not have expertise in both areas.

A pre-purchase inspection needs to be done on a day and at a time convenient to the seller or tenant living in the home, the inspectors and also the real estate agent listing the home. We recommend signing the contract with a 14 day period for building and pest inspection in the conditions, if you only put a 7 day clause on the contract, it makes scheduling everybody at the same time more difficult.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is a visual inspection of accessible areas of the property to see if there is evidence of active termites and/or termite damage or other areas of concern to the home or building being purchased.

An inspection by one of our trained and experienced pest inspectors will include a detailed, methodical and careful visual examination inside and outside of the home to ensure there is no evidence of termites, borers, moisture, wood decay, fungi or mould.

A written report is issued in accordance with the Australian Standard.